Transom & WCAI: The Last Kids Of Cuttyhunk Island

Cuttyhunk Island is 12 miles off the Massachusetts coast but it can feel worlds away. Only a dozen people live on the island year-round. Two of them are children: siblings Gwen and Carter Lynch, the only students at the last one-room schoolhouse in the state. The school only goes up to 8th grade, so both kids will move to the mainland in the next couple of years to attend boarding high school.


Marfa Public Radio: Blue Origin Sponsors Marfa ISD Class

Blue Origin—the private space travel company owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos—hosted a rocket class at Marfa ISD. Over the past several months, middle school and high school students in Marfa have been working with engineers to build their own rockets. The first-ever student rocket launch happened last Saturday.


Marfa Public Radio: Despite Expert Reassurance, Pecos Residents Are Concerned About Earthquakes

Earthquakes have been on the rise in Texas for almost a decade. A lot of scientific research links these tremors to oil and gas activity, specifically to injection wells where frack wastewater is disposed of deep below the earth’s surface. In Pecos, an oil-rich town in the Permian Basin, there have been 650 earthquakes in less than a year.

Marfa Public Radio: In Marfa, A Home Made Of Dirt Will Cost You Plenty

Owners of adobe homes are protesting a special class of property tax that singles out their traditional dwellings.