I produce audio stories that run the gamut from sound-rich field recordings to high-quality in-studio interviews (or two-ways, in public radio speak). I pitch ideas, conduct pre-interviews, book guests, write questions, prep hosts, record and edit audio, and mix the final piece.


Vermont Public Radio: Vermont Photographer's LGBTQ-Focused Work On Display In NYC Solo Show

Donna Gottschalk documented the LGBTQ scene in New York and San Francisco in the 1960s and '70s. Her photos — some of which have never been displayed publicly — are featured in a solo exhibition in New York City.


Vermont Public Radio: The Kingdom All Stars Drops Its Debut Album

There’s sometimes this perception that if you want to see great music in Vermont, you’ve got to head to the big city of Burlington. It's a myth a band from the rural Northeast Kingdom region is trying to dispel.


Vermont Public Radio: Afropop Band A2VT Explores The Refugee Experience Through Beats

From Africa to Vermont: That journey is the inspiration behind the name of the Afropop band A2VT, whose music is a mix of genres, including dancehall, hip-hop and Bollywood. The group recently dropped a new single, and their second album is due out in the fall.


Vermont Public Radio: Dr. Jill Warrington Calls For The ‘Healing Power Of Compassion’ In Opioid Fight

Drug abuse and addiction are among rural Americans' top concerns, according to a new NPR poll. Dr. Jill Warrington is the Chief Medical Officer at South Burlington diagnostic lab, Aspenti Health, where she focuses on treating substance abuse in Vermont.


Vermont Public Radio: Beneath The Beauty, Environmental Challenges Threaten The Mad River Waterway

Vermont has no shortage of beautiful rivers for fly fishing, but the trout that roam these waters are increasingly under threat from environmental challenges that aren't necessarily visible to the naked eye.